SUZUKA SMM-802 | Vanilla White

    SUZUKA SMM-802 | Vanilla White


    Product Description

    Product Code: SMM-802

    “A striking textured metallic pattern that is linen like that can suit elegant but also rustic designs.”

    General Specification
    Colour:Vanilla White
    Easy Application & DIY Friendly:Yes

    Low VOC & Odor:Yes
    Green Choice | Water Base | Eco-Friendly:Yes
    Applicable On Ceiling:Yes
    Easy To Touch Up:Yes
    Formaldehyde & Lead Free:Yes
    Application Technique:Preparation (Cover the edges that won’t be painted by masking it with tape, paper or plastic | Clean up the wall surface to ensure it is free from dirt & dust)
    | Step 1 (Primer) | Step 2 (Sanding) | Step 3 (Texture Coat)
    Tools:Roller | Sandpaper (600 grit) | Brush
    Coverage (Per Set):Wall (3 - 4 m²/ l) l Ceiling (2.5 - 3.5 m²/ l)