DEWALT DWE6411-B1 Sheet Palm Grip Sander

    DEWALT DWE6411-B1 Sheet Palm Grip Sander


    Product Description

    • Rubber Overmold Texture Will Provide Smooth And Comfortable Control While Sanding
    • Improved Paper Clamp Features For Better Paper Retention
    • Locking Dust Port System That Allows The User To Lock Vacuum Hose Up With The Sander
    • Reduced Overall Height Of The Sander To Get The User Closer To Their Work
    • Separate Counterweight Design Reduces Vibration
    • Rubber Dust Boot Over The Switch To Protect Against Dust Ingestion For Longer Switch Life
    Power: 230 Watts
    Speed: 14,000rpm
    Orbit diameter: 1.6mm
    Pad size: 108mm x 115mm
    Weight: 1.3 Kg