STANLEY SS24-XD 240W 1/4 Inch Sheet Sander

    STANLEY SS24-XD 240W 1/4 Inch Sheet Sander


    Product Description

    Key Features:
    • The Stanley SS24 sander is ideally suited for finishing surfaces: removing rust, removing lint after painting or varnishing, etc.
    • The powerful engine provides high-quality finishes.
    • The compact, textured body is comfortable to hold with one hand.
    • Existence of a system of dust removal allows maintaining cleanliness in the workplace.
    Rotational speed: 1.7 kg
    Electr. speed adjustment: No
    Weight: 1.1 kg
    Platform stroke size, mm: 1.6
    The diameter of the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner, mm: 35
    Power (W): 240
    Size of abrasive paper (З), mm: 115х115
    Possibility of connecting to a vacuum cleaner: Yes