Our Family . Our Team

    From the early start business of the 4 employees until today which more than 198 employees in our Kow Hock Group, truly believe the culture – “People First” and the value starts from the employees. We truly believe the development and growth of the company need the solidarity and cohesion of all employees as a key competitive advantage to see us grow further. Therefore in our company, we only have a relationship with “Family Members” and “Team Members”.
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    Lending a Helping Hand

    As Family Member, we are sympathetic to the plight of our staff and lend a helping hand if necessary. Taking in the example on the year 2014, fire incident broke out at a house belonging to one of the staff was totally destroyed. Mr & Mrs. Goh together led the team to helped and rebuild a new house for the staff. Besides, the staff also help to raise funds for them, donating furniture and so forth.

    Birthday Celebration

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    The branches will also take the initiative to celebrate the birthday of their “family members” every month together with other staff. Because we are a family, other branch’s staff will have to offer their blessings too.
    Kow Hock Hardware  

    Daily Meeting

    As a Team Member, morning meetings will be conducted every day to share with the employees the values of life and encourage the staff to have a positive mindset in the workplace. Besides that, we would communicate with each other to discuss some of the problems encountered in the workplace. During the morning meeting, the member also can share the work met interesting happened with each other.

    Training Attended


    Team Building